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As a Murdoch student you can expect a university experience that goes beyond the classroom and the opportunities to make the most of it.

帮你做这件事, we use the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) to provide a range of non-academic services and programs. The SSAF is a compulsory fee charged by all higher education providers. 


我们与 默多克学生协会 分配资金. The 默多克学生协会 is a democratically elected student body through which you can have your say on how the SSAF is spent.

Our priorities for SSAF expenditure include supporting:

  • health and counselling services
  • careers and employment advice
  • 体育和娱乐
  • eSports
  • projects approved by the SSAF Committee to improve your university experience.

Murdoch students are given a full breakdown of where the funds are allocated for the current year, 和往年一样.

2022 rates

The Australian Government sets the rates of the SSAF annually.

The SSAF is charged twice a year. The amount you pay depends on whether you’re a full or part-time student and which campus you study at. 

课程报名 半年兼职费 全日制半年收费
默多克的校园 $78.50 $157.50
曼都拉/罗金厄姆校区 $59.00 $118.00
充分的外部 $39.00 $39.00

Eligible domestic students can defer this payment by utilising the SA-HELP贷款计划.